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Funeral Favors — Use Them Or Skip Them?

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Many people provide wedding favors for their guests. But what about funeral favors? What is a funeral favor? Should you offer them? And if not, what else might you do? Here are some answers to your questions.

What Are Funeral Favors?

Like wedding favors, funeral favors are small tokens of appreciation made for guests to take with them when they leave. These tokens celebrate the deceased and are designed to provide a memory that mourners will keep with them. 

Favors can be anything you wish. They may simply be a memorial card or bookmark with the person's photo, details, and a quote or scripture. They could be seeds from the deceased's garden, their favorite recipe, or quilt squares, for instance. 

Are Funeral Favors Tacky?

Due to the more solemn nature of a funeral or memorial, some families might feel that favors are less appropriate than at a wedding. While this could be true, depending on the favor, it doesn't have to be. 

Favors honor the deceased and are often curated to bring a smile or happy memory to the receiver when they see it. Doing so ensures they are well-received and achieve the right tone. 

When Should You Skip Favors?

In general, the use of favors is a personal decision. However, families should consider their budget before opting for favors. This is a good place to save money if the budget is limited. Guests may not even notice the lack of favors, and it allows you to prioritize other funeral elements. 

In addition, some families combine the purpose of the funeral program or memorial card with the purpose of the favors. Guests generally take programs, and they provide more space to celebrate your loved one than most favors can. 

How Should You Offer Favors?

There are two ways to provide favors to guests. You might hand them out directly to people as they arrive or at their seats. The second method is to simply make them available to guests to take or not take. 

If you want to ensure that all guests receive the favor, ask helpers to give them out themselves. However, if the number of favors is limited or not everyone may enjoy having one, simply place them on the table where people will pass as they come or go. 

Where Can You Learn More?

Want help deciding what type of favors you might use for your loved one's final services? Can't decide whether or not to have favors? Start by consulting with a funeral home in your area today.