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The Most Inexpensive Options For Cremation

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Cremation is less expensive than burial. For this reason, you may have already decided that you wish to be cremated when the time comes. There are many different types of cremation services offered, all with varying costs. If you don't want your family to be financially disadvantaged by your cremation, what are some of the ways to make it as inexpensive as possible?

Donation of Your Body

There are a number of medical research projects that accept human remains. These projects can be found at private and public medical organizations or colleges. Some research might be required to find a relevant organization in your area. To put it as delicately as possible—only certain parts of your anatomy will be of interest, and the remainder will be cremated and returned to your family. This is not a low-cost cremation but rather a no-cost cremation. This method cannot necessarily be relied upon since if too much time elapses between death and the collection of your remains, the organization may decline to accept them, creating an immediate financial burden for your family.

Direct Cremation

Some people may wish to minimize the financial burden of cremation by choosing direct cremation. This might feel impersonal but involves the prompt collection of your remains, which are directly transported to the crematory, usually on the same day. Provided there's no obstacle to the issuing of a death certificate, this type of cremation is a brisk and efficient affair. No mourners are present during a direct cremation, and your family and friends may not even find out until after it has taken place. They may wish to hold a private memorial service at a later stage. Direct cremation is certainly a no-frills outcome but is one of the most inexpensive options.

Funeral Plans

Even though you ultimately wish to be cremated, this can be combined with a traditional funeral. However, a traditional funeral is not the most inexpensive option, which is why many people choose to arrange a funeral plan. This is similar to insurance in that you pay a monthly premium to the plan, which will, when executed, cover the majority or entirety of your funeral costs, including the subsequent cremation. This is a simple way to spare your family from any financial burden. It doesn't necessarily reduce the cost of the required services, but it lessens the financial impact of a funeral and cremation. 

Your cremation doesn't have to be expensive, and the overall cost of the service doesn't play a role in its importance. If anything, you might find it more important that your family doesn't have to cover the cost during an extremely difficult time for them.

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