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What Should You Do With Cremated Remains?

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Cremation is gaining popularity because of its ease and affordability. It is also gaining traction because it gives loved ones the freedom to do as they wish with their loved one's remains. If you have received a loved one's remains, you might wonder what you should do to distribute them.

These are a few ideas you can use to pay homage to your loved one after he or she has passed.

Turn Remains Into Art or Jewelry

Art and jewelry are great ways to remember your loved one. Many people use their loved one's cremated remains to make glass art, jewelry, and even sun catchers. These thing add beauty to the world, much like your loved one has. It's a great way to remember them.

Plant a Tree

Many people also turn their loved one's remains into an urn that can hold a self-watering tree. A lot of people like the idea of their loved one's remains bringing new life into the world, and a tree will add beauty to your home or yard.

Scatter or Bury Them

Of course, you always have the traditional option of scattering or burying your loved one's remains. You can scatter your loved one at the ocean, on a beautiful mountain top, or anywhere else it is legally allowed. You may also choose to have your loved one's remain interred in a cemetery or on private property where allowed.

Make a Stuffed Animal

Some people will put their loved one's remains into a stuffed animal, something they can hug and hold when they want some comfort. Stuffed animals may be an especially good option for a child who has lost a loved one and may get some comfort from having a physical representation of their loved one.

Keep Them

Finally, many people simply choose to display their loved one's remains at home. They may have a special urn or box with a special memorial area. This could include photos and other items that evoke memories. This can provide a reminder of your loved one that you see every day, which can be very special for some families.

Cremation Is Available

If you are interested in cremating your loved one, it is a good idea to discuss your options with a professional. You have many options for preserving your loved one's remains, and you can come up with a plan with a professional who knows much more about the process.