Planning the Music at Your Funeral

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Are You Looking Ahead To The Time Of Your Death By Planning Your Own Funeral?

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What has inspired you to think about the time of your own death? Did somebody, maybe a friend or a family member recently pass away? Maybe you watched a movie that dealt with the death of one of the characters and you can't stop thinking about it. Whatever the case, maybe you have decided that you want to plan every detail of your own funeral. From arranging for speakers and special musical numbers to buying a funeral package, here are some ideas that might help you.

The Funeral Service - Think of friends or family members who would do a good job speaking at your funeral. Don't just choose one or two people. Think about it. Those people might not even be around with you pass away. Think of asking about four people, explaining that they are not the only ones you have asked to eulogize you. When the time comes and there is a real funeral, each of them can take part, can't they? Think of writing down things that you want included in the talks. For example, if you have a passion for teaching, write that down so it can be included in one of the talks.

Write down the kind of music you want, too. For example, maybe you are a religious individual. If that is the case, you might choose a familiar hymn like Amazing Grace. It's true that that particular song is featured in many funerals, but there's good reason for that, as it is inspiring. Maybe you're not religious. In that case, maybe you will want somebody to sing a solo. Songs like I Did It My Way or The Impossible Dream are just two good choices. 

The Funeral Package - Paying for a funeral package before your death might be one of the kindest things you can do for those who are left behind. After all, they will be grieving your death. Consider going to a funeral home in your area to find out what kind of funeral packages are available. You might decide to simply buy a casket or cremation urn and to pay for the process that precedes a burial or a cremation.

Or, you might decided to buy a more complete package. For example, you might arrange for the purchase of the urn or the casket you have selected. In addition, you might pay for things like flowers, a guest book, and even for limousine service. Be sure to keep documents in a safe place and to tell trusted individuals where you have placed them. For more information about funeral packages, talk to a local funeral home.