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Planning A Scattering Service: Three Details To Consider

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When a loved one chooses cremation service, he or she may choose to have the cremains scattered instead of being placed in an urn or interred in the ground. A scattering service can provide a wonderful option for families a graveside-style service. Here are a few details to consider when planning a scattering service.

Choose A Location

If your loved one hasn't chosen a location for the cremains to be scattered, you'll need to select a location. You can work with your funeral home director to locate a scattering garden, to you may decide on a favorite park or beach. The funeral home director can help you obtain any permits or other paperwork you'll need to make sure that the scattering service abides by local laws and regulations. A scattering garden makes a great option if you aren't sure where your loved one wanted the cremains scattered. These gardens are often filled with lush greenery and beautiful landscapes that make for a touching tribute.

Select Speakers

For some families, a scattering service also serves as the memorial or funeral service. If this sounds like the best option for your family, you'll want to consider who will speak at the service. You or a close family member can read a eulogy, and you can also have a local clergy member read scripture or prayers. Another option is to hire a vocalist or choir to sing during the actual scattering.

Pick A Method For Scattering

In some cases, more than one family member may want to scatter the ashes. This can be done by passing the cremation urn from one person to another, but you can also choose other options that may be a bit more suited to a scattering service. For example, you can work with your funeral home director to purchase cremation scattering tubes. These smaller containers are filled with a portion of the cremains. They are handed out to each loved one participating in the scattering service so everyone can participate in the tribute at the same time. THe tubes come in a variety of tasteful designs, adding beauty and dignity to the services.

Work with your funeral home director to determine where people should sit and how to arrange the services during the scattering. This will help ensure the cremains are scattered in the correct area without entering the seating area of the service. Consider adding other features to the services as well, such as a dove release or candlelight vigil, to create a touching sendoff for your loved one.