Planning the Music at Your Funeral

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Think About Planning Your Own Funeral

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Have you been thinking about planning your own funeral? Perhaps you recently attended services of a loved one or even an acquaintance. Doing so might have made you think about things that you liked at the service. Or, you might have thought of things you might have changed. Either way, if you are thinking about planning your own funeral, from selecting the music to buying your own headstone, here are some ideas that might help you.

The Funeral Service

Have you thought about the purpose of a funeral? Aren't they a way to honor the deceased? Also, aren't they designed to bring comfort and closure to those who are close to the person who has passed away? Consider keeping that in mind as you plan your own funeral service. For example, think about the things for which you want to be remembered. Perhaps you want those who attend to know little-known facts about you, think like the fact that you were a cheerleader in high school or that you got your Eagle Rank in Scouts. Write everything down that you want in your eulogy. Think about the music you love. For instance, if you are a religious person, you might want to choose traditional hymns like How Great Thou Art or Amazing Grace for the congregation to sing or for a soloist to perform. If you have a deep love of American, consider having patriotic music performed or sung by the congregation.

The Memorial

Does it seem a little bit strange to consider buying your own headstone? If it does, just consider that doing so will relieve your loved ones of having to purchase it. By selecting the headstone yourself, you can choose exactly what you want. For example, consider buying a marble headstone that has your pictures as part of the design. You can even select a saying to go on the headstone. Words like Integrity - Love - Devotion along with your name, the place of your birth and the dates of your birth and your death can be part of the design, too. 

Be sure to tell two or three people exactly what your funeral plans are. You want at least two people because a back-up plan is just smart, in case one of the individuals is not available at the time of your death. Put everything in writing and, if you have paid for things like the headstone or even flowers for your funeral, include invoices in a file that holds your funeral service information. 

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