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Tips For Sending Cremated Remains In The Mail

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After a deceased loved one goes through the cremation process, you may have a number of things that you wish to do with the cremated remains. You don't have to do just one thing, such as scatter them or bury them. Instead, you may be thinking about dividing a small portion of them among family members, including those who live abroad. In such a scenario, it's possible that you may have to mail some of the cremated remains. Doing so isn't difficult, but you'll definitely want to take a careful approach to this task. Here are some tips for you to remember as you prepare to mail the cremated remains.

Protect Them Carefully

Although the approach that you take can vary slightly depending on the volume of the cremated remains that you're planning to send in the mail, your top priority should be to protect them carefully. There are several ways to approach this task, but securing them in a high-quality, zipper-top plastic bag is imperative. You should also place this bag inside a plastic container that you can seal. The container doesn't have to be something fancy, such as an urn. A clean and empty food container with a screw-on lid, for example, can be suitable. Wrapping the container in bubble wrap inside a sturdy box is also advisable.

Pay For Better Shipping

Whether you're sending the cremated remains via the postal service or a private courier, it's generally a good idea to pay a little more to increase the likelihood that they arrive safely — in other words, don't just send them by general mail. Paying for tracking, for example, is an effective way to monitor the package while it's in transit, while ensuring that your recipient needs to sign for the package reduces the risk that it will get left on the doorstep and potentially stolen.

Ensure That You Aren't Breaking Any Rules

Check with the mail or courier clerk to explain what you're sending and ensure that you don't have to follow certain criteria. Generally, when you're mailing cremated remains within the country, you don't have to worry about any specific regulations. However, depending on the country to which you're sending the remains, you may need to identify the contents of the package on the customs slip. Completing this necessary step ensures that the remains won't get unnecessarily delayed while clearing customs, which could be an issue for the person waiting to receive them.