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Lose A Loved One? 4 Healthy Ways You Can Grieve

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It is never easy to lose someone that you love, even if you know that it is coming. Grief is a very painful emotion that you have to go through despite the fact that it is natural and healthy to mourn the loss of someone. Unfortunately, the majority of individuals will grieve in unhealthy ways, which actually negatively impact the overall healing process. With that being said, here are four ways in which you can grieve in a healthy, natural way:

1. Allow Yourself Time

The first step in the natural grieving and healing process is to allow yourself plenty of time to mourn. It is important to understand that you will not and cannot completely mourn your loss overnight. You are suffering an immense amount of pain, and it is impossible to sort through all of that pain in 24 hours.

Take out a photobook of pictures of the individual that you have recently lost and let the tears come. Allow yourself to understand the fact that your lift has now changed and that it is indeed going to be difficult to move forward. Don't hide your grief or bury it because this will simply making moving on more difficult.

2. Build a Support System

When people mourn, they tend to push people away. However, if you do this, you are only going to be secluding yourself. You want to have someone by your side and someone to call on when you need to talk. If you don't want to talk to your family or friends, go to a support group or find a trusted professional.

Don't keep your feelings bottled up inside. It is important to talk about your feelings and let your emotions (especially your pain) out. If you are finding it difficult to get over the loss and grief, you shouldn't feel ashamed to seek help.

3. Express Your Feelings

If you aren't ready to talk or would like another way to express your feelings, you can write about them in a journal. You could also write a letter to the person that you lost and tell them all the things that you never got a chance to tell them. You could paint pictures that express how you're feeling. Essentially, you can do anything that makes you feel better and allows you to relieve some of that built-up anger, pain, emotion, etc.

4. Take Care of Yourself

You are going to feel down in the dumps as you are mourning the loss of your loved one, but it is very important that you take care of yourself. Ultimately, if you take care of your physical health, your emotional health will benefit. Make sure that you are getting plenty of rest at night, you are eating healthy and you are exercising. In fact, exercising will release endorphins, which can help to naturally reduce the pain that you are experiencing. 

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