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3 Important Things To Decide Regarding Your Final Wishes

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Have you been thinking about making out your will, just in case anything should happen to you? Are you confused about where to get started? One of the best things that you can do to ensure that your final wishes are carried out is to consult with an estate planner. But in order to make the process as efficient as possible, there are definitely some things that you should decide before you go. Start thinking about and make notes about the following:

Type of burial: This is an extremely important thing that you should include in your final wishes. Although most funeral homes are honest, some funeral homes will try to push your family and friends into agreeing to a lavish funeral and burial for you. Even if you have money set aside for your burial, a lavish funeral may not be something that they can afford. Letting everyone know that you'd be okay with a small service or cremation as an option will help to relieve some of the stress that they may be feeling during such a difficult time.

Location of burial: For some people, it's extremely important that their remains are brought back to a certain location and interred in a family plot, vault, or other special location. For other people, the final resting place is relatively unimportant. Since transport between funeral homes can be extremely expensive, especially if you happen to pass away on the opposite side of the country, deciding on this can make a huge difference in the final expenses that you and your family will need to have available for the process.

Flowers or charity donation: If you've ever ordered flowers for a birthday or an anniversary, you know how much even a simple bouquet can cost. Having flowers sent to funeral homes can be a lovely gesture, but you may prefer to instead request that people make a donation in your name to your favorite charity. While flowers will only last for a few days, having a donation in your name can make a lasting impact for your favorite charity. If you still want at least some flowers at your funeral, consider requesting that your executor looks into donating the leftovers to a flower recycling charity. Sometimes partnered with specific funeral homes, these charities will deconstruct funeral bouquets and use them to make flower arrangements for patients in hospice care or elsewhere who would otherwise never receive flowers.

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